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Saving water is in every homeowner's best interest. You save money and help conserve the local water supply at the same time. Just because your property has an older irrigation system doesn't mean that you can't update it to take advantage of the newest, most efficient technology. Longs Peak Sprinklers can recommend what components are best suited to your system and offer the greatest benefit to you!

"I have had the opportunity to work with Mike Amend at Longs Peak Sprinklers on two different occasions and at two different sites. It was a pleasant experience both times. Mike was patient during the design and bidding process. He asked good questions and offered suggestions to make our system as efficient as possible. Mike and his crew were reliable and on-time in the execution and completion of the project. I have confidently referred several customers to Longs Peak Sprinklers. Mike always delivers more than he promises."
Mike O'. - Berthoud, CO
Irritrol Valve Box

Consider one of the following renovation opportunities:
  • automatic conversion: install an electronic controller (sprinkler timer) and new zone valves to your current manual system to create a fully automatic sprinkler system.
  • New sprinkler heads: older sprinkler heads may be worn out, leaking and performing poorly. Upgrade your heads to increase watering efficiency and eliminate brown spots
  • Add new zones: Have you taken up gardening? Install a 12"spray zone for perennial flowers or vegetable beds. How about adding a drip zone to new trees and shrubs? Adding new zones to an older system is more affordable and easier than you might think.
  • Add a pressure regulator: Incorrect water pressure can cause "misting" which turns water to vapor - a wasteful situation. Lower the pressure and obtain longer system life, reduce wear and tear, and lower your water bill at the same time!
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